Thursday, January 25, 2024

When Intuition Takes Off Like a Rocket, Trust It

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One of my goals for 2024 is to be more intentional in the time I set aside for meditation and intuitive practices. I'm trying to do my meditations in the morning instead of on an ad-hoc basis, now, and here is why: once I start working on a book edit or start up with the day's appointments or buying groceries or running errands, then the time I set aside for meditation gets smaller and smaller depending on how the day goes. 

Today was my first day trying it this year, and the result was phenomenal!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

I closed myself into my study and sat in what I call the reading nook chair. I used a Tibetan singing bowl to clear my energetic field, then centered myself with some deep breathing. For any thoughts that cropped up (like an email I need to send later today), I thanked myself for the reminder and visualized myself tacking a note about it to a cork board to address later. The reminder will be there energetically (and as soon as I finish this post, I'll go send that email, LOL!), but this was not the time.

After a few moments, I pulled out my journal, a pen, and the deck of cards that I use to inspire receiving messages for the moment.

I took the deck and spread them out on a lap desk, continuing to breathe deeply. One of those cards started to look a little bit lighter. It had a little bit of a "pick me" feeling to it. So I pulled it out, but did not look at it, then scooped up the rest of the cards into a pile and put them aside. 

I held the card in my hands face down and continued to breathe and relax my body, and before long, an image formed in my mind of a rocket ship taking off from a NASA launch pad, complete with all the clouds that get kicked up when those huge engines crank up. I'm not an artist AT ALL, but here's the sketch I drew in my notebook after receiving that image:

What I drew in meditation—I promise it is not a pencil! 😂

And then I turned over the card. What do you see here? 

Card from Kim Chestney's Intuition Deck

Okay, it's a lighthouse, right? Not a rocket. 

But look at the general shape of it. It's long, thin, tall...much like a rocket ship. And there are some sort of clouds underneath it, right? Much like those engine clouds I drew. 

And then I softened my focus, breathed deep...and an entire segment of my forthcoming book about my near-death experience just fell out of my pen. 

This meditation experience is a wonderful reminder of how our intuitive language isn't meant to be literal a lot of the time (though it can be). Instead, our receptors are capable of getting the gist of my case, the shape of something long and tall and thin with clouds under it. 

Turning over the card was just a fun little validation of trusting those receptors are working JUST FINE, and then letting the pen fly was an amazing, freeing experience. I often suffer from writers' block, and that rocket ship just blasted through it. 

This is one example of how using meditation and intuition for creative pursuits works for me, and I hope it's helpful to those of you who are just learning about how your own intuition works. 

Have you ever had something similar happen to you? Feel free to share in the comments! 

Have a wonderful day! 🚀

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Book Series Recommendation: Oxford Key Mysteries by Lynn Morrison

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I did not do as much reading this past year as I did the years before, but the reading I did manage to get in was high quality. I'd like to start recommending books more here, especially as a couple of friends have recently asked me for recommendations. 

So, first up is the Oxford Key Mystery series by Lynn Morrison! 

This series has all the hallmarks of a British cozy with the addition of magic and wonder! Natalie lands a dream job in Oxford as the Head of Ceremonies (basically, an event planner), and while her first day on the job was expected to have a steep learning curve, she didn't realize dead bodies were going to be part of that. 

With the help of new friends and coworkers, ghosts, and a very special black cat (among others), Natalie tries to get to the bottom of the mystery...but the stakes are high as Oxford's magical field is in danger of being destroyed. 

Each book could be read separately, but I do recommend starting at the first and working your way up. The books are available individually on Amazon, but even better, the author has 2 box sets (1–3 and 4–6) up as well, which are well worth it. 

I hope you enjoy them. If you read them, let me know what you think! 

Book Recommendation: The Illumination Code by Kim Chestney

(Following links on this blog may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.) [Adapted f...