Thursday, November 3, 2022

Just a Little Light Reading

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Since I had a near-death experience in 2006 (and am writing a book about it), I thought I’d do some reading about it to see other perspectives. 

I just finished 7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness After Death by Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D.

This was fairly light reading. Each chapter addresses a reason, including reports that fit that reason, what detractors might say, and conclusions. There is also a fascinating appendix by Emmanuel Ransford that discusses levels of consciousness in ways I hadn’t seen before. 

Now I’ve started Science and the Near-Death Experience: How Consciousness Survives Death by Chris Carter. 

This one has already grabbed me just with the Foreword and Introduction. I’ll post more thoughts once I’ve finished. 

What are your thoughts about NDE (near-death experience) or OBE (out of body experience)? I know I would love to edit a book about this topic!


  1. I've been fascinated by the subject but haven't done much reading on it for quite some time. Part of me wants to know what it's like and to have some confirmation, but another part of me chooses to accept them on faith. I truly believe, though, that there is so much that humans don't know, and choose to refute merely because they can't see or touch it...

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Paula! I've had a passing interest until it happened to me—now I seek to understand it from all perspectives. At the end of the day, though, it is wholly subjective. I'm glad you're open-minded!


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(Following links on this blog may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.) [Adapted f...